4 Layer Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder With Mill
Hand Crank Spices Grinder
Potable Large Manual Grinder for Kitchen Helper Gift

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Want to grind some spices while looking cool too? Here comes the NovoMart Spice Mill. Just fill the top chamber of this device with your favorite spices, herbs, or tobacco, close the lid and turn the lever clockwise gently to grind the spice down to absolutely fine powder. You can be one of the many smoke shops across the US that offer this top-notch grinder in their product range.

In today's world, it is obvious to see some style wherever you see there. This style or trend added a twist to the life of people. Now, kitchen accessories are also available in trendy appearances that look stylish and attractive while working. We have a grinder that is classy in look as well functioning. Its design makes it comfy to use, and the grip is quite fine. The grinding action is too good to use the product without getting stressed conveniently. The body has a zinc alloy, a lightweight metal with a corrosion-free feature. The zinc alloy is also dent-resistant; it would never get affected even after getting a hard scratch. It facilitates to see-through the grinder's lid to see what is crushing and how the action is performing inside the grinder. It also has a feature of not falling the ground powder out of the grinder while the machine is working. The product has user-friendly features and can utilize in any shop, household kitchen, restaurant's kitchen, and much more, delivering the same results everywhere.

  • Designed for convenient grip and grinding action
  • Spill-free lid closure
  • See the herbs being ground yourself through the transparent lid

Product Code: NM3563XL

Layer: 4

Kief Separation: Yes

Sold as Individual

Package Contains:  Grinder with Hand Mill X 1, Scraper X 1

Material: Industrial grade Zinc Alloy

Design: 1 (Black)

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