Disposable and Washable Plastic Hookah Hose

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  • Product code  NM-4D150s
  • ✔️ Hookah Hose Package Include : Sealed Pack Of 1 Disposable Hookah Hose 60 Inches Long. ✔️
  • 😎 Benefits: Sealed And Never Been Used, Light Weight, Washable And Easy To Clean, Smooth Air Flow, Durable, You Can Take It Apart For Storage, Fits In Any Glass or Plastic Hookah Set, Perfect For Group Smoking Sessions. It won’t retain any flavor from previous uses so you don't have have to dedicate one hose to every flavor again. 😎
  • 👌 High Quality: This Product Is A High Quality Hookah Hose. It Will Give You A Very Smooth Hit, Clean And Thick Clouds, Long Size And Well Designed Handle So That The Hookah Shisha Hose Is Comfortable To Hold. 👌
  • 📦 Perfect Gift Idea: A Simple Gift Can Go A Long Way. Everyone Needs Something Small Cute And Functional. Buy Now For Your Friend, Wife/husband, Boy/girlfriend, Student, To Smoke Good Flavors With A Great Hookah Hose 📦
  • ⭐ Buy With Confidence: If You Don’t Love Our Product We Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked. If You Have Any Questions Please Contact Us. ⭐