Portable Acrylic Square Flat Box Hookah Set with Led

Portable Acrylic Square Flat Box Hookah Set with Led

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Are you in need of a hookah that best fits your suitcase? Come here and buy something that has several features and allows you to have a great experience while using such equipment. The hookahs are popular and give you a chance to enjoy your life having a great smoking experience. The hookah is specially designed for shisha, but adding tobacco and charcoal would not affect the tool. The small-sized hookah in the shape of a book is too rare, and one cannot conveniently find such hookahs. The hookah with a LED light gives a beautiful look in the dark and provides multi-lights that are awesome in appearance.

Acrylic Book Hookah has numerous features that remain unmatched to various hookah sets. It is easy to handle; its slim design makes it the best product for smokers. The hookah set also contains the accessories needed for cleaning and handling the charcoal. Those accessories include; a charcoal tray, cleaning brush, and a tong. The construction of the equipment is resilient with acrylic material that makes it perfect for durability and portability. The hose is made of silicon that is reliable enough to function long. The LED that works in the dark provides an incredible look and results. If you intend to travel, you can adjust the hookah in your traveling bag so that it can easily be portable and gives you convenience in every step.

  • Smart design.
  • It includes charcoal handling and cleaning accessories.
  • Construct from Sturdy acrylic material.
  • Reliable silicone hose.
  • It has an LED that offers an applauding color display in the dark.

Product Code: NM25s

Color: Red

Material: Acrylic

Package Contains:

  • 1X Hookah Set
  • 1X Silicone Hose
  • 1X Cleaning Brush
  • 1X Charcoal Tray
  • 1X Tongs/Poker

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