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Best Butane Torch Lighter - Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter - Flame for BBQ & Baking - Butane Gas is Not Included

Best Butane Torch Lighter - Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter - Flame for BBQ & Baking - Butane Gas is Not Included

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Novo-Torch is a reliable, safe, powerful butane torch jet flame lighter. It has domestic, hobby, and professional applications, including cooking, soldering, and plumbing. With Novo-Torch's stable, maneuverable flame, you can toast breadcrumbs, melt cheese, and even do high-temperature soldering with it.

The small butane torch lighter has a safety lock that keeps the user safe while operating the lighter. This safety lock is of utmost importance as it locks within the child's reach and preventing any incident.

The two different modes of Best Butane Torch for Dabs are available according to the user's choice. Butane refilling is available, providing convenience to the user, allowing them not to buy the same product again and again.

They can acquire butane, and use it for a long time. One can also adjust the lighter according to usage. The outer material of the lighter is aluminum and plastic, which keep heat inside and do not allow heat to reach the outer cover.


This butane mini torch can be operated in continuous flame mode and trigger start mode.

Refilling with butane can be done by any brand with a size nozzle.

Flame adjustment settings and safety lock prevent accidental ignition.

Temperature-resistant, durable material

Item Name: Novo-Torch High-Quality Butane Torch Lighter 

Product Code: NM-101

Material: Aluminum alloy body with stainless steel nozzle

Product dimensions: 4.6 inches by 2.3 inches by 6.2 inches

Product Weight: 0.43 pounds


Exercise caution while using due to the high temperatures that can be reached.

The lighter will be sent without fuel to ensure safe transportation.

Keep it out of children's reach.

Sold as an individual package.

Package Includes: Novo-Torch (without fuel) X 1, Nozzles X 3

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